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It was beyond stupid of me to walk home alone this late at night. I should have taken a cab. I would have been safe in my own bed by now if I had taken the ten bucks and called a cab. Now I was going to die, all alone in a dark alley.

It was strange. I should be in agony. Hell, I should be scared, but after the initial bite, my natural instincts to fight faded away. Was it really a vampire that killed me? He was still drinking my blood, but I stopped screaming a while ago and I was pretty sure I had to be hallucinating now. This kind of thing didn’t happen…did it?  Read this erotic story




Boredom had Dana sinking into a funk, even as she lay by the pool, sunning in her new suit and basking in the warmth of the sun on her face. The privilege in which she lived her life made it quite monotonous, and she grew tired of tanning, going to the country club, and shopping. Three of her girlfriends had called today, each looking to do something that they did at least once a week, and she’d turned them all down, yawning and telling them she felt a bit under the weather and thought perhaps she should stay in bed. Read this erotic story



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