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Are you looking to advertise on an adult sites? You Should!

Here’s why.

After ran a very successful advertising campaign on adult sites, it became quickly apparent that adult sites have a lot more on offer than just porn. In fact they are a hub for a multitude of potential target groups and the perfect place to engage with specific Internet users.

It is estimated that 80% of all Internet users visit adult sites and the amount of traffic being generated is in some cases astronomical. Sure, the best indicator for a successful online advertising campaign is not the number of displays, that’s just a nice side effect, but a great Click Through Rates (CTR). Think about it,  with rising advertising costs on traditional channels like Google Adwords and FB, Internet marketeers must look for alternatives that not only deliver but also don’t blow the budget.

Yes you’re right, not every product or service should be advertised on adult sites and we here at Arts Erotica can certainly help you with the assessment but when you consider the options all you have to do is wonder what might catch a users attention after…  BINGO.

Talk to us now, you might be pleasantly surprised who our users actually are.

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